Congress Banking On Charanjit Singh Channi For Assembly Election

Charanjit Singh Channi, the newly appointed chief minister of Punjab, most likely face challenging days ahead. In merely four months from now, he will have to prove himself and win the trust of the people by making his party triumph before the 2022 Punjab Assembly Elections.

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As per Channi’s Surya kundli (he was born on Mar 1, 1963, in Chamkor Sahab, Punjab), tough times may continue for Channi. As seen in his kundli, natal Mercury, Saturn, Ketu and Venus are in the Capricorn sign, over which Saturn and Jupiter are passing. The effect of this transit could be the reason why Channi’s name sprung out of nowhere for the post of Punjab CM! But, as Saturn is also transiting, he may continue to face challenges. Sun is in the eighth house of the natal transit.  

Nowadays political parties are in a mode of replacing poorly performing CMs with more efficient leaders. It is predicted that Vijay Rupani was recently replaced with Bhupendra Patel as the Gujarat CM for the same reason. 

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