Amethyst Gemstone – A Purple Crystal for All!

One of the most popular crystals, that has multitudes of benefits and immense significance with evergreen beauty, is the Amethyst stone. The amethyst crystal is believed to be in use since ancient times and it is one of the noblest gemstones known for centuries. The amethyst stone not only enhances the beauty of a person but also has myriads of benefits. In the coming sections of the article, all the aspects like amethyst properties, price, colour, healing effects and benefits will be discussed. But let’s understand the literal meaning of amethyst before delving into more details.

What Is Amethyst Gemstone Good For?

Amethyst gemstone’s meaning can be understood by two definitions – spiritual definition and the literal definition. As per the spiritual definition, amethyst stone means sobriety and calmness. Amethyst gemstone also means staying away from agitation. It means believing in tranquillity and peace.
Amethyst is a Greek word. And as per the literal meaning, Amethyst stone means not being under the influence of toxins or drugs or alcohol. This also means that amethyst gemstone keeps one away from intoxicating habits and behaviour.

Both the meanings of the stone are appropriate and evident with the healing properties of this amethyst crystal.

Amethyst Gemstone Properties: Physical and Metaphysical

Amethyst stone’s physical properties constitute its beautiful and royal colour. Purple is the most common amethyst colour. The purple colour of amethyst is due to the presence of manganese or iron in the crystal. Though it is not considered a hard stone, the amethyst stone’s hardness is around 7 on the scale. Amethyst can be easily traced across the globe. But its major areas include Greece, North Africa, Italy, Brazil and the Middle East.

Amethyst’s metaphysical properties are a big reason for it being in demand for ages. One of the greatest metaphysical properties of amethyst stone is its calmness. The amethyst gemstone holds the greatest position in many cultures because of its metaphysical properties like being able to maintain balance, bliss and solace. It also keeps a person patient in any challenging condition.

The higher place that is given to amethyst gemstone, in many cultures, should also be credited to its noble purple colour. Purple has always been the high priority colour of kings and nobles. And of course, the amethyst’s purple colour enhances the beauty and royalty of the piece of jewellery it is capped upon.

There are a variety of amethyst stones available based on their origin and colour.

  • Amethyst Quartz – It is purple and white in colour
  • Cactus Quartz – It is a big crystal originally from South Africa
  • Ametrine – It is purple and yellow in colour
  • Canadian amethyst – It is coated with Hematite and is originally from Canada, as the name suggests.
  • Veracruz amethyst – As the name suggests, it is from the mines of Veracruz, Mexico and is quite big in size.
  • Lavender amethyst – Not so strong as other varieties and it has a faded lavender shade.

Cost Of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst stone is easily available across the globe. This easy availability makes the amethyst stone less expensive. Also, the amethyst stone’s price depends on its quality and weight in carats. The amethyst stone’s price in India may range from as low as Rs 150 per carat to around Rs 1200 per carat.
The amethyst price also depends on its origin, shape, colour, clarity and cut. The amethyst from Brazil and especially dark purple in colour may cost higher than other amethyst stones. Since amethysts are easily prepared in laboratories, their prices go further down as compared to other natural gemstones. However, the natural amethyst gemstones, that are mined and not produced in laboratories, are known to have greater healing properties and benefits.

Is Amethyst Birthstone Suitable For All?

According to vedic astrology, natives born under a specific zodiac and month of the year, have their particular birthstones. These birthstones are likely to make the native’s life happy, healthy and prosperous. The native will also benefit from the birthstone in all the other aspects of life as it will be effective in nullifying or suppressing the influence of malefic planets.

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Amethyst birthstone is also one of those effective gemstones that are known to bring about positive changes in a native’s life and personality. Amethyst birthstone month is February. It means the natives born in February can choose to wear Amethyst gemstone as their birthstone. Hence, natives whose zodiac signs are Aquarius or Pisces have Amethyst birthstones.

Remember, never wear any gemstone without consulting an expert astrologer. Though amethyst stone has multitudes of benefits and healing properties, yet one needs to consult Expert Astrologers before wearing it as the astrological gemstone remedy.

Check Out Amethyst Gemstone's Healing Properties

The amethyst stone is better known as Jamunia in India. It is known to have several benefits. The word Amethyst itself means “Being Free of alcohol”. One of the greatest benefits of wearing amethyst is that the wearer stays away from the habit of consuming alcohol.

So, here are the benefits of amethyst gemstone.

  • As mentioned above, the amethyst stone helps in getting rid of addiction to alcohol.
  • The amethyst gemstone can be used as a substitute to Blue Sapphire and relieve the wearer of the influence of weak Saturn.
  • The amethyst’s healing property makes the wearer courageous and frees him from any unhealthy and undesirable habits.
  • The amethyst heals the mind and soul and makes the person calm and peaceful.
  • The wearer of amethyst gemstone gains patience and tolerance and does not react aggressively towards any situation or person.
  • The amethyst’s healing property is believed to increase the concentration level of the wearer. The person is able to work with complete focus and attention and this results in greater chances of being successful in whatever task he takes up.
  • The gemstone is known to be very useful and effective for professionals who are into research work.
  • It has been particularly helpful to mathematicians.
  • On the spiritual front, the amethyst stone invokes two main chakras of the wearer – the Third Eye Chakra or the Ajna and the Crown Chakra or the Sahasrara. This helps in generating positive vibes and safeguarding the wearer against psychic or mental problems.

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Amethyst Gemstone: Some Interesting Health Benefits

Apart from all the above-mentioned healing properties, the amethyst stone has many health benefits too. Some of the health benefits of amethyst are given below.

  • Amethyst stone promotes the regeneration of cells. This helps in boosting the energy level in the body.
  • The amethyst gemstone works well on those who have problems having a sound sleep. It helps in treating insomnia and improves the pattern of sleep.
  • The amethyst crystal improves the circulation of blood throughout the body.
  • The amethyst stone also helps in improving the mobility of the body fluids.
  • It also aids in recovering from wounds. Amethyst stone acts as a trigger to repair wounds faster and easily.
  • The amethyst may also act as a natural agent to escalate the anti-oxidation activity in the body of the wearer.
  • The stone also helps in obstructing the growth of bad bacteria in the body.
  • By realising negative ions, the amethyst gets rid of the toxic particles present in the body.
  • It is also helpful in strengthening the respiratory system of the wearer.
  • It helps in relieving backache and stomach pain.
    These are a few health benefits of amethyst gemstones. Other than these, the amethyst stone benefits by elevating the happy mood of the wearer and enhances knowledge and wisdom too.

Amethyst Gemstone: The Last Note

It is now very clear that though the amethyst crystal is considered semi-precious and is not so expensive as other birthstones, it has myriads of health benefits and healing properties. One cannot ignore the positive influence the wearer experiences on possessing the amethyst stone.
The amethyst stone price in India is comparatively quite low can be afforded by an average income earner Indian person. But its effects and benefits are not average. They are extremely effective in transforming a person. The amethyst stone has the potential to make a person successful in every sphere of life. It can attract abundance without costing a fortune. It aids in many health issues like aches, circulation and breathing problems. Not only this, the amethyst gemstone can help an alcoholic to get rid of the evil habit of drinking and divert his energy towards the positive side of life.
It instils positive vibes and helps to deal with the negative influence of Saturn. It also awakens the chakras of the mind that makes the wearer energetic and focussed. With so many benefits on the list, who wouldn’t want to own an amethyst stone. But it is advisable to wear it only after consulting the astrologer as he can guide you to choose the correct amethyst stone colour and weight according to your janampatri.

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