11 Fascinating Reasons to Believe in Astrology

Numerous questions flood over the internet regarding Astrology. The top one is, ‘Reasons why you should believe in astrology?’. See you a scenario, suppose you are driving a car and need to reach a specific place. You checked some GPS app to know the estimated time, and it showed, let’s say, 1 hour. Now you know the predictions, but it’s all up to you whether to cancel going there or take breaks in between or do whatever you want. Not precisely, but Astrology is a bit similar to this. As in any other profession, the exactness of the task depends on the person performing it. So, without any single blink, let us start unveiling some fascinating reasons to believe in Astrology.

1. It's Lifesaver!

‘Astrology is life Saver’, How? Because, well in advance, it lets you know about the long-term errors, obstacles, and challenges. So in short, you are being warned so that you can be prepared.
Seriously speaking, Astrology can actually be a life-saver, even though not literally. No one is asking you to go on a war with deadly weapons. Take a chill pill dude. You can simply follow what is mentioned in the readings or take advice, suggestions. Say for example, if it is written that you should be careful while dealing with superiors. You need to do nothing out of the box. Did it say, Leave the job? Or throw a glass of water on seniors? You just need to be careful that’s it.

2. Astrology is FUN!

Of course, it’s a lot of fun, with capital F! Wanna know Why? Because there are endless cool subjects that you can’t miss. The Sun Signs, Moon Signs, daily horoscope, the little fortune-telling tricks, colourful Cards, the lucky gemstones, yantras, and much more. You can connect Sun Signs with almost every aspect of your life, and you will see that, besides being so insightful, they are so cool and interestingly correct. You have endless options, bring home a new vehicle as per Astrology, check your dating partner Sun Sign, and so on.

3. Road Map Of Your Life!

Your Horoscope is like a road map of your life, created precisely at the time you were born. So, it is as unique as your finger-marks are. The placement of each planet in your graph/horoscope uncovers so much about your character, qualities, nature, and fate.

4. It can tell about your True Strengths

Since your Horoscope and your Signs – the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant – are so uniquely you, they can help you trace, find and reveal your strengths – the fine natural qualities you were born with – which you just have to bring out, hone and polish and you should be good to go.

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5. Can Tell your Weakness Too

Astrology and horoscope readings are like mirrors – they won’t hide your flaws like a true friend, who’ll speak about your good and evil. There’s a special thing in Astrology reading called Janampatri Reading that should preferably be done for every child, as it’s like looking at every possible Natal (birth) for a person –his/her whole character, abilities, weak points, and much more.

6. It is so Insightful & Progressive

Astrology takes into account many things. Do you remember why astrologers ask you about your birth date, time, direction, place? Because they need to be accurate enough. They predict your life based on the movement of stars, planets, and various astrological technical aspects. And believe us, they are damn correct and insightful.

7. It Can Help You Lead A Better Life

Since Astrology is a clear and honest guide, it can tell you what career and educational path you should take to make a successful and happy life. The analytics and guidance of Astrology can also help you make the most of the key times, ducking down the leaner, unfavourable nights. Plus, through astrological advice, you can grow incredibly strong from tough times.

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8. Great Importance Of Love!

Astrology, like all other holistic subjects, believes that, as human beings, you all have a deep need to feel connected and appreciated. Hence, you’ll see the great importance of Love too. It will tell you what kind of partner you may have based on your stars and zodiac Signs. Through this, you can definitely lead a desired life. Hallelujah!

Astrology Reading called Kundali Matching is a useful guide as it helps people match their Horoscope with a prospective partner and choose the best person to be their sweetheart.

9. Making You A Better Human Being

We all know that no one is perfect, agreed? Everyone has flaws. Through astrological guidance, you’ll never downgrade your version. Your advance mode will keep on moving ahead with you. Astrology readings like Life Predictions Reading or Your Horoscope Analysis will not hesitate in calling a spade.

So, if you’re a short-tempered, selfish person, Astrological Reading is going to tell you that–on your face. Straight on your face. But yes, it will also guide you to grow better. So, at the end of the day, in order to overcome your difficulties, you become a better, more evolved person. Congratulations! Thank us later 🙂

10. Mathematical Approach

Basically, Astrology is the time-tested knowledge of ancient Scripture, Vedas, and Upanishads. It is not at all superstition or baseless. It is tested and numerous times proved faith and subject, which has a mathematical basis. Kundalis or Horoscopes are based on numerological calculations and geometric patterns. Hence, it is confirmed that it has a mathematical base.

11. It has a 4-Dimensional Perspective

Lastly, Astrology is incredibly vast and can encompass all aspects of your life–in a great deal of detail. It can definitely help you to the world with more clarity and, of course, yourself.

It tells you that there are three effects of almost everything or things in life-good, bad and neutral, and yet there is a fourth-that you create by your own Karma.

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Hardly anyone can say that he or she has done complete mastery in astrology. We are not saying this to hurt anyone, but astrology is very deep and wide. The more you go in deep, you’ll come to know new stuff every day. Also, one thing we would like to add is, there is nothing like a sin to believe in astrology. If you find wrong predictions, don’t just judge astrology in a negative way. Maybe the given birth date, time directions are not accurate, or the Astrologer couldn’t only guide you correctly. There is no need to break the chain of trust by just judging one Astrologer.

We think that ‘11 reasons’ are just too little to believe in this great world of astrology. What say, should we write another blog, definitely not? Why not you decide and create your thoughts on it. So, take a cup of coffee ( or tea, whatever you prefer), and think about this great subject called ‘Astrology’.

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