14 Lokas Of Hinduism: Unfold Wonderful Mysterious Places!

Everything in this world is materialistic. The outside space is also materialistic as it consists of the basic units of matter like atoms and molecules. Although we possess rational conceptual procedures such as thoughts, feelings, and emotions, they are composed of basic structural and functional units.

Science Vs Tradition Wisdom

As you know, the whole world follows and believes in materialism. The mainstream and common scientific wisdom say that there is nothing beyond water, energy, space, and time. All things fall in these categories or are derived from one of them. It is here that the most glaring ideological fault lines come into existence. There are many more traditions, philosophies, and religions, which feels that there exists something. Also, it is intimidating beyond the usual and earthly view. It is extremely opposite to the fact followed or held by science.

Heaven And Hell - Spiritual Need

The view towards this unseen reality varies from the day we are born. There is always wider concord among the major belief systems. The need for happiness, trust in doing good things, and at last, an unpleasant situation for all the people results in religious and philosophical traditions. It is here that the concept of Heaven and Hell come into the picture. However, it is stated that life is not complete without practising spiritual truths. It’s also said that spirituality can’t be comprehensive without believing in Heaven and hell.

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Indian Tradition On Heaven And Hell

Indeed, your karma only decides your fortune, whether good or bad. Also, it will determine where you will go, Heaven or hell. The concept of Heaven and hell is always esoteric and mysterious. The universal mystery and reality are written in scriptures of Hindu mythology. All the people reside in the large divine world of the Universe. Moreover, these worlds are known as Lokas in Hindu scriptures.

14 Lokas In Hinduism

Here are 14 Lokas as per Hindu Mythology:

Hindu mythology defines fourteen worlds – 7 higher worlds are known as Heaven. At the same time, seven lower worlds are called Underworlds or Hell. The lowest of the seven higher worlds is Earth, where we humans reside. The higher worlds are the 7 Vyahrtis, and the lower worlds are seven Paatals.

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The 7 Vyahrtis (Heavens Or Upperworlds)

  • Satya-Loka: The Satya-Loka planetary system is not forever. The truth lies deep where Atma (Soul) are released as per rebirth.
  • Tapa-Loka: The House of Tapa, like meditation, goes deep to connect with God. Ayohnija Devadas stays in this Loka.
  • Jana-Loka: In Jana-Loka, God Brahma’s sons stay.
  • Mahar-Loka: The great sages like Markendeya and other rishis who are known for their bhakti and tapa stay here.
  • Swarg-Loka: This is known as Heaven of the God Indra. Swarg-Loka lies between the Sun and Polar star. As we all know about Swarg from mythology, Indra, Rishis, Gandharvas, and Apsaras stay in this Loka. It is a paradise of ecstasy where all the 330 million Hindu Gods reside along with Indra, who is the king of the Gods.
  • Bhuvar-Loka (aka Pitri loka): Sun, Planets, Stars all stay in this loka. Basically, it is the distance between Earth and Sun and the semi-divine beings live here. However, it is a region that includes the atmosphere and the life force.
  • Bhur-Loka: It is the Earth, where we all are staying presently.

The 7 Patalas (Underworld Or Hell)

  • Atala-Loka: Atala is ruled by Bala – a son of Maya who possesses mystical powers. It can be equated with the upper crust.
  • Vitala-Loka: Vitala is ruled by the God Hara-Bhava – a form of Shiva who dwells with attendant Ganas, including ghosts and goblins as the master of gold mines. It can be equated with the lower crust of Prithvi.
  • Sutala-Loka: Sutala is the kingdom of the pious demon king Bali. It can be equated with the Asthenosphere of Prithvi.
  • Talatala-Loka: Talatala is the realm of the demon architect Maya who is well-versed in sorcery. Shiva, as Tripurantaka, destroyed the three cities of Maya and gave him this realm. But later, he was pleased with Maya and gave him his realm and promised to protect him. It can be equated with the upper mantle of the Prithvi (Earth).
  • Mahatala-Loka: It is the abode of many hooded serpents, the son of Kadru headed by the Krodhavasha band of Kuhaka, Taksshaka, Kaliya, and Sushena. It can be equated with the mantle of the Prithvi.
  • Rasatala Loka: Rasatala is the home of the demons, namely Danavas and Daityas, who are mighty. But, at the same time, they are cruel too. They are the eternal foes of Devas. Moreover, they live in holes in serpents. It can be equated with the outer core of the Prithvi.
  • Paatala Loka: The lowest realm is called Paatala, the region of the Nagas ruled by Vasuki. Several Nagas live here with many hoods. Each of their hoods is decorated by a jewel whose light illuminates this realm. It can be equated with the inner core of the Prithvi.

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