Four of Cups Meaning – Upright & Reverse Guide

The Four of Cups Tarot Guide

Four of ups tarot card meaning: First things first, four of the cups tarot cards are the gateway to spiritual experiences. If you’re busy a lot in your life that you don’t have a second to look on your inner side, nothing is greater than four Cups. Yes, you heard that right. Don’t get surprised to know that it is possible that all you need is already in front of you. Your busy soul is not just able to see it. The fact is, letting go of fear and doubt will allow you to make decisions and make improvements. We need to open our third eye to see the magic around us, and only then we will be able to open the doors to our success. Sounds ultra philosophical! We can’t wait to tell you more &; more about this popular card ‘Four of Cups Tarot’.

  • Element: Water
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Planet: Moon
  • Date: 12th To 21st July
  • Upright 4 of Cups: Feeling stuck, missed opportunities, depression
  • Four of Cups Reversed: Taking action, moving forward, enthusiasm, passion.

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Meaning of Four Of Cups Upright

Opportunities flow to you, but you say “no” and turn them away as of now. Maybe you’re not interested in the prospects, or your cup is already full. Using your discernment to determine what is important to you. Remember, use this time for internal reflection and contemplation before embracing the next big thing. Maybe this card conveys a signal, ‘Not now, but maybe sooner.’ The Four of Cups may also indicate that you shut yourself off from new opportunities because you’ve been hurt. Check in at the level of the soul and ask if shutting down is the right course of action or if it’s time to open up the possibilities that are available to you. Listen to what your heart really says!

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Four Of Cups Reversed Significance

The Four of the Cups reversed represents the time of introspection and withdrawal. Others may try to meet you or invite you, but you’re busy with yourself in some sacred place. How Bold! Don’t hesitate in saying that your inner soul will remerge soon. You’re not going to be a ‘hermit’ forever – it’s just a temporary stage. Appreciate it and get the best out of it. Instead of saying ‘yes’ right away, step back and evaluate the situation first. That said, be careful not to miss this opportunity as you wait for an answer. You can avoid the external world’s challenges, hoping that the problems will go away if you move out. But let’s be real: they will eventually need your attention.

Woah! What an amazing ride it was. Like, let’s say that the four cups are done cards. Everybody will learn something new. The Four of Cups indicates a human tendency to take things for granted. Also, the universe showers opportunities, but you are just not ready to see them yet.

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