Gemini Decan: All Three Decans of Gemini & Their Astrology

Decans are based on your Sun Sign, and they are some of the smallest elements of astrology. Since they are small, they aid a lot in personalising your astrology. But what is a Decan? Let’s find out.

Gemini Decan - Quick Bites

  • 1st Gemini Decan is born between 21st May to 31st May, and they are ruled by Mercury. The planet bestows them with skills of curiosity and communication.
  • 2nd Gemini Decan is people who are born between 01st June to 10th June, and they are ruled by Venus. The planet bestows them with skills of beauty and charisma.
  • 3rd Gemini Decan is people who are born between 11th June to 20th June, and they are ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The planets bestow them with skills of intelligence and growth.

What is Gemini Decan?

A decan is the 10-degree fragment of your Zodiac sign, a Sun Sign, to be more precise. Since there are 30 degrees allotted to one Zodiac Sign, a 10-degree decan will result in three decans for each sign. Today, we are decoding just that.

Many of you know the dates for Gemini Sign, which are 21st May to 21st June. If you were born between these dates, you would be a Gemini. But hold on! We can go even deeper with your astrological analysis with Gemini Decans. Dividing it into three parts of 10-degree each, we will have three decans of Gemini.

If you are a Gemini, it’s time to know which Gemini Decan you belong to. But what does each of these Decans signify? Here it is.

Gemini Decan 1 - May 21st to May 31st

Intelligence is what you will have in abundance. People born between 21st May and 31st May are social and reliable. Full of wise words and thoughts to contemplate, they are always ready to share their knowledge with others. Thank them for being around! They are likely to gain success in creative fields and arts, including designing, writing, and painting.

1st Gemini Decan natives are good at conversations, too. They observe everything around them, find logic in them, and always seek knowledge. At times, they may also drown themselves in way too many activities to handle. They are also known to be good at multitasking and juggle their tasks well, with an unmatched determination and focus. Not only that, their creative mind will cook up innovative ideas to complete their tasks smoothly.

How Mercury Affects Gemini 1st Decan

If you haven’t guessed it by now, let us clear one thing. The ruling planet of the first Decan of Gemini is Mercury. The planets are all about knowledge, speech, and communication in general. All the attributes mentioned above point only to one planet, and that is Mercury. It also gives them a childlike quality of curiosity. People born in Gemini 1st Decan are most likely to ask questions that nobody has asked yet. Another childlike quality of theirs is their looks. They will look younger than their age and will have many friends. Moreover, they will be popular among their friends, too.

Their friends will benefit from the ideas they have. However, at times they struggle with balancing their sharp minds and mellow hearts. Their mind will tell one thing about something, and the heart will say something else. However, these internal conflicts hardly materialise in their day-to-day lives as they are known to have strong beliefs. Patience lacks in 1st Decan natives, and they should always try to achieve some in their life. On the other hand, they have a quick wit and sharp responses. No doubt people find them some of the most magnetic and charming dudes and dudettes to be around.

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Gemini Decan 2 - June 1st to June 10th

True detectives by nature, people from 2nd Gemini Decan will always try to find the root of all causes. Only after knowing the whole truth will they judge any matters. They aim high and always strive to achieve what they have in mind on the very first try. It’s true, though; you will find them tangled in their own thoughts, confused as anything. They feel deeply connected with people they can relate to or show affection to them. They are also possessors of a great sex appeal and experts at expressing their love.

They are also some of the most talkative people you will come across. That is why they are always ready for a social gathering, be it hosting or attending. As mentioned, they are often victims of scattered thoughts, but you will find them super focused on their good day. Good friends to be with; these are the people who actually listen when you talk. Travelling is always on their mind, and an adventure is always around the corner. But what makes Gemini 2nd Decan natives who they are? Here is the answer.

How Venus Affects Gemini's 2nd Decan

Venus is the God of love, beauty, and everything charismatic, as we all know. That makes Gemini 2nd Decan some of the more creative and charming people. They show a lot of emotions, and their feelings are rarely hidden. However, some of them also show twin personalities being the Gemini they are. So it’s no surprise that Gemini 2nd Decan does not indicate their sentimental side at times.

Venus makes them seek friendship and beauty in their life. The planet also makes them good entertainers and performers. As an influence of Venus, many young 2nd Gemini Decan natives do not show depth in terms of their emotions. Even if they do show their intensity for a moment, it will not last long. Excitement is their game. Over time, they lose interest and simply walk away.

Gemini Decan 3 - June 11th to June 20th

These are some of the most innovative and original people. They are at the same time very excited about all the things and optimistic in almost all the situations. True definitions of sunshine, they are always ready for an adventure. Moreover, they are open to new thoughts and interests too. In short, they want to experience everything while it lasts. You will always find them on the deep end of various activities. However, 3rd Decan Gemini can leave things unfinished since they have so much on their plate.

With people, they are pleasant and friendly. However, for Gemini 3rd Decan, the friend circles will not be a big one. They are seekers and providers of respect and trust in their friendships. They have some tolerance issues with people who keep repeating their words. Moreover, they do not believe in giving second chances if you were to mess things up with them. They are leaders and very capable of charming others into following them. Many of the 3rd Gemini Decan believe in speaking unfiltered truth even if it is unpleasant to some people.

How Uranus Affects Gemini 3rd Decan

Along with Uranus, Saturn is also considered to be 3rd Decan’s planet. They lead them in the direction of mental development. No wonder these natives are highly responsible and show incredible growth in terms of their cognitive abilities. However, taking quality from Saturn, they also love to win arguments. The combination of both these planets can make them cold and formal.

They are blessed with focus and concentration, intelligence and reasoning abilities. They love to be disciplined and expect that from others, too. They also appear cold and judgemental because of the principles they choose to live by. However, present something unique and out of the box, and you have piqued their interest. Taking a road less travelled it their thing, anyway.

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Phew! Done. That’s it. That’s all you need to know about Gemini Decan.

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