All about Leo Ascendants According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Leo Ascendant is the Lion. Its ruling planet is the Sun and the element is ‘Fire’. You are a Leo Ascendant or Singh Lagna, if, at the time of your birth, the Leo sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So what is your life map if you are a Leo ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.


General Personality Traits

Leaders, Guides and Risk Takers:

Leo ascendants have high energy but the fire element in them is very controlled. They have endless potential and they assist others to rise too, especially the people who work for them. They are born leaders who have clarity in their approach. They have an innate nature to educate others and guide them. They might seem to be a bit strict but that comes from a perspective to get things done the way it works. Risk-taking ability is not common and the Leo ascendants possess it like a pro.

Kingly Persona:

Leo ascendants like to patronise. They love to provide security and take care of others like a king takes care of his people. They don’t get involved in petty things as they are above such things. They appear very calm and stable. They usually keep their opinions to themselves and do not go around interfering in other people’s lives. They only give suggestions when asked for it, which seems more of a verdict than an opinion. They are well mannered, dynamic and have certain royalty in their presence. They attract respect and obedience.

Duties and Responsibility:

The slogan of the ascendant Leo is ‘I Will’. Dedication towards what they believe is the right thing to do is commendable. They are the kind of people who stand by their words which makes them responsible people. Their responsibility is not just limited to friends and family but stretches out to a large community. Somewhere deep inside them, they have an urge to look after the needy ones.

They are idealist beings. With so much to do in order to fulfil responsibilities and duties, they have to have discipline and a sorted daily routine. Initially, Leo ascendants struggle for a consistent routine because Saturn’s energy is in their sixth house. But after the age of 30, they make sure they stick to it.

Sunny Side:

It’s a less known fact that Leo ascendants have a funny side. They are quite imperial even with their jokes. In fact, the witty part of these funny pokes never goes unnoticed. Their presence has an element of shiny persona that naturally brings them into the spotlight. The mannerism in them is majestic which attracts many eyes. They shine in a crowd the way Sun in the Solar System. They never overdo anything. The composer and calmness always make them very pleasing to others.

Ego Sensitive:

One thing the Leo ascendants immensely hate is criticism. They simply cannot take it lightly. They might not show it but they are extremely sensitive to it. They have a great sense of self-worth and importance if the sun is placed well. Because of the benefic Sun, their creative intelligence will be very high. But if the Sun’s placement is not good or being aspected by other planets malefically, then a Leo ascendant will have a lot of egos. He will be like a spoiled brat, who shows off a lot with no real substance inside.

Extravagantly Classy:

Leo ascendants are brand conscious and very focused on getting the best of everything. They are never inexpensively dressed. Their homes have lavish backdrops and floor coverings. They lean toward great and rich eateries and gatherings. It will be as per their regal taste. Their method of living is out and out tasteful. They are very attractive, charming and classy. They want to have a good image and be respected by everyone. Hence, they like to show off a bit. They want to be popular. Sometimes they end up spending more than they are earning through their profession.

Generosity in the Core:

Leo ascendants are very soft from within. Do not get fooled by their strict approach. They make lots of charity and donations. They will also try to reach out to friends who need help and do whatever they can. They receive lots of appreciation and respect for their generosity.


They are very strong-headed about the philosophy they have regarding spirituality, religion or tradition. They are fixed fire signs, hence, they have a tendency to stick to their values and culture. Leo ascendants are very straightforward. First of all, they will keep away from doing anything wrong. These people are very clear in their life.

Ambitious Achievers:

Leo is a firey sign, so they are very ambitious but their fire element is a controlled one and well channelised into many projects they take up. They can come across as a bit aggressive because they are not the kind who would lag behind. They are very confident as they trust themselves. They are extremely independent and self-assured.

Social Circle:

Leo ascendants usually have friends who boost their ego. One can get anything from them by buttering them or giving them importance. Persuasion, love, compliments and buttering works well. They are profoundly magnetic, social, regarded and cherished – in simple words, ‘Life of the Party’. Anticipate great food, stylish mood, extraordinary beverages and an incredible host, if you are invited by a Leo ascendant. They win over lots of friends and admirers.

Emotions and Pride:

They will not show their emotions. They are extremely sensitive but it will never be expressed as they are proud people. On the contrary, they are emotional support to others. There is a sense of responsibility in them and do not want to burden anyone with their outpouring emotions. But if someone takes them for granted or hurts their pride, he surely will make them an angry enemy.

Composed Communication:

Leo ascendants are great at communication. The frequency, tonality, modulation and above all substance in what they speak, make them quite impactful. If Mercury is placed well in their chart, their communication skill will be outstanding. They are usually calm and balanced in their interaction with others. They are talkative or more communicative within their friend circle.


Leo ascendants enjoy the limelight and importance. Their words are very important in their social system. Their entire circle is focused on them. They love receiving compliments and need constant assurance that they are someone special. They are the only sign ruled by the Sun, hence they like to shine out amidst crowds.

Creative Flair:

Leo ascendant is the fifth house sign which comes in the first house. One of the key characteristics of the fifth house is creativity. Being this as their ascendant, their whole personality imbibes creativity in all the aspects of their life. Their self-expression can be of varied nature sprouting out as artistic, musical, inventive, socially adept or creatively intellectual. Intelligence, children, creativity, love, speculation and business become of the utmost importance to them. If their sun is afflicted, then their talent goes to waste. But if given the right platform and opportunities they can soar high.

Romantic Souls:

They are attractive personalities so they win many admirers. They are passionate lovers and treat their partners with due regard. They have so much love to give. They are loyal people whose only expectation is that the partner should be faithful too. They are liberal and mindful of their feelings, so they need someone who would shower all her or his adoration.

Recognising a Leo Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

They have attractive feline-like facial features, a wider, flatter face and prominent cheeks. The jawline has a certain curve around the bottom with some sharpness. Their eyes are sharp with a reddish tinge, a bit cat-like with demanding intensity. They have a powerful gaze and some kind of fierceness. Their noses are of many shapes and sizes but blend well with the rest of the face. Their chests are broader than the lower body. Their body language is filled with the essence of mannerism. Whatever look they carry, they simply own it. They look classy and composed.

Relationships in the Life of Leo Ascendants

Leo ascendants are very possessive about their homes and mother. Their mothers would be very strong kind of lady. With their siblings, they are balanced and will communicate very sweetly. They maintain a stable relationship with the people around them.

They want their children to realize the higher philosophy of life. Where a life partner is concerned, Leo is never completely satisfied because they expect a lot. But they treat their partner with dignity. Leos are loyal, extremely emotional and want the same in return. Mostly, whoever marries a Leo, marries for gains, rather than for emotional satisfaction. Of course, there are exceptions to this.

They have friends from every part of life. Leo ascendants are very supportive of their friends and family.

Work & Career

As Leo is the fifth house sign, creativity is quite intricate to them. They are natural-born actors. Shahrukh Khan, Rajnikant and Leonardo de Caprio are Leo ascendants. They become good artists, dancers, radio jockeys, writers, hosts, news readers, writers, orators, researchers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, models, professors, CEOs, researchers, politicians and social activists. If their Jupiter is strong, then they are blessed with esoteric capability as well.

Money and Wealth

Leo ascendants are extremely calculative about their wealth and bank balance. If Mars is well placed in their chart then these people will be very lucky in properties and finances. They have a high drive to make a lot of money and have the ability to manifest abundance in their life. Even if they go through any financial crisis they will rise above it with self-efforts. They will take needed actions, use their skills and talents and bounce back from any financial mishappenings.


Since they are ruled by the Sun, which is the source of energy itself, they enjoy good health. Of course, the placement of the Sun in their chart matters. The first house is the house of the body and the planet Sun has a huge effect on it. The body parts concerned with this sign are the chest, heart, spine and upper back. They are susceptible to the health complications related to these body parts, such as cardiovascular, spinal issues, back pain and injuries in the ribs. Apart from this, diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety are some common ailments.

What do Leo Ascendants Need to be Careful of?

  • Being ego sensitive can be troubling not just for you but also for the people around you. You make many enemies because of it.
  • To scroll through life smoothly, being adamant is an impediment. Consider flexibility whenever needed.
  • You can be easily addicted to the luxuries of life. Be careful about increasing debts created on your credit cards.
  • Treat others as you like to be treated.
  • You can bear loss due to your anger issues. Spiritual practices will help you to keep calm.
  • Be careful about the intentions of the people with who you associate. There can be hidden enemies.

Being a Leo ascendant is about having an overall personality like a Leo zodiac sign. Your nature of mind might be like the moon sign you belong to and your inspiration in life might come from your sun sign. Every ascendant sign has its own lesson to learn. It is advisable to consult an astrologer in order to have a clear picture of your traits and learnings.

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