What Happens If Saturn In Leo?

Vedic Astrology explains that planetary positions have a significant role in a native’s life. These planets placements are drawn in horoscope and analysed with the help of experts. It is one factor that determines the traits of the person. And it also helps in predicting certain events that might take place in life at some point in time. Vedic astrology is also a tool to understand the past of the person, especially the karmas and their consequences.

More than the past, present and future predictions based on the planetary position at the time of birth, Vedic astrology is believed to reveal exactly what would be the result of transiting planets in the horoscope. This would help in exploring the major changes or effects due to the movement of these planets from one sign to another. In this article, we will explore this aspect of Saturn in Leo Vedic astrology and understand what happens with Saturn in Leo sign. Will there be any influence of Saturn in Leo women? Read below to know the answers.

But before getting into the ocean of significance of Saturn in Leo ascendant, let’s have a brief knowledge about the two bodies involved in it – The Planet Saturn and the sign Leo.

About Leo Natives

There are 12 signs and houses in the horoscope as per Vedic astrology. One of these signs is the Leo, which signifies courage and confidence. It belongs to the fifth house and is ruled by the Sun. The ruling planet Sun makes the native with Leo ascendant a burning personality with too much ambition and drives to make things work as per their wish. It also induces the fire to make the native a born leader with great authoritative skill and potential.

Being under the influence of fixed fire makes the native fiercer, and the native likes to work with this fiery energy in all spheres of life. He gives his best shot at the professional front and makes things work well at the personal end also. Leo native never puts a pause over his endeavours as they are under the influence of Sun and fire.

But that doesn’t mean these people don’t like to enjoy life. Rather they indulge in so many weekend breaks that they are always charged up during the weekdays. They are believed to be wanderers and love to travel and enjoy every bit of life.

The major weakness of the Leo natives lies deep beneath its greatest strength. It means the pride that Leo holds is the biggest weakness, as it pulls the native back while he wants to admit that he was wrong. This makes them arrogant and consumed in self-pride. Also, too much bossing around can be a reason for his subordinates dislike towards him. And also, because they are attention seekers, they make it difficult for others to grow. Now let’s see if the planet Saturn would enhance the strengths or push the Leo into a pit when If Saturn in Leo sign.

When Karmic Saturn Is Progressive In Leo

The planet Saturn is a cold and airy planet, which means it insists natives to follow the discipline in their life. The planet has the authority to punish you for all your wrong deeds and bring you back on the correct path. It brings unprecedented challenges on the path of the native. With struggle and miseries, the planet Saturn teaches the native the most difficult lessons of life. The ringed planet Saturn blesses you with wisdom and success, but you may have to walk on fire to achieve those things. Otherwise, it also results in huge losses in the life of the native. Saturn is associated with patience, tolerance and the quality to work hard limitless in the native. The influence of Saturn aid natives learn the value of good karmas, perseverance and persistence.

The Effects Of Saturn In Leo

The planet Saturn is a cold and airy planet, while Leo is lit with the energy of the celestial father, Sun. Saturn represents the air element, while the Leo sign belongs to the Fire elements.

So, analyzing the position of Saturn in Leo in Vedic astrology will surely be quite interesting. As we know, the Leo sign natives are very ambitious and energetic under the influence of the Fire element. Now, when the Saturn in Leo ascendant, it will blow some air on the fire flames, which is also known as the food for fire. As a result, it may trigger some more energy in the native.

Saturn is known to contract the personality of natives. With Saturn in Leo, the native might also feel the same. He/she may feel the shadow of the dark planet is over him/her and may result in making the native cautious, who otherwise lived a carefree life.

The Saturn would push the Leo sign to take calculated risk, rather than just jumping into a competition with all the energy and power. The influence of Saturn in Leo, would make the native quite disciplined and one who would have learnt the art of self-expression instead of being over-expressive anywhere and everywhere. The position of Saturn in Leo would also make the natives learn to live better as they grow older.

While the male natives associated with Saturn in Leo are egoistic and have their own principles, Saturn in Leo woman’s kundali makes her rigid and realistic. Such Leo women with Saturn may seek complete control over their life. They never compromise with their standard and expect the same from their partners in professional or personal life.

Wrapping Up

We understood the impacts of karmic Saturn on the individuals born under the Leo sign. However, this combination has more cons than pros, so you may get less than what you expect. Saturn’s would keep an eye on your working strategies as well. Moving forward, you too can turn the tide coming your way by performing Shani puja. By doing so, you may get favourable outcomes in significant areas of your life.

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