Fire Tiger & the Wrath of This Flaming Chinese Zodiac Sign

The fire Tiger is one of the 12th Chinese Zodiac animal signs. Each of these Chinese Zodiacs has significant personality traits, careers, distinct fortune, individual luck, health, and wealth based on the various factors.

Every zodiac sign is again associated with a specific element from the five Chinese elements ( Earth, wood, fire, metal, and water) depending upon the time and date of birth.
Today we will discuss the Fire tiger. Fire tiger means the Chinese Zodiac sign Tiger that is associated with the element Fire.

The people born in the years 1926 and 1986 are considered to be the fire tigers. The Tiger years are 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034, 2046 and so on. Among these years, the years 1926 and 1986 are the Fire Tiger Years. The last Fire Tiger year started from 9th February 1986 to 28th January 1987.

Fire Tiger Personalities and Qualities About Them

  • People born under the Tiger Zodiac with a fire element are aggressive, strong, faithful, steadfast, and gentle.
  • They are full of uprightness and possess an authoritative personality.
  • They are born leaders but with a little weak willpower.
  • They are soft-hearted and trustworthy.
  • They are good friends and partners.
  • They love their family and care about them.
  • Fire tiger people can do anything for money and power, but on the other side, they don’t want to harm anyone.
  • They are not modest and want to take full credit for the work they do. They often take suggestions from their colleagues sportingly and respond well to constructive criticism.
  • Fire tiger zodiac natives are highly efficient.
  • Fire tiger natives are good at reading and, therefore, are good students.
  • Fire tiger zodiac natives enjoy performing extracurricular activities and are honest with their friends, family, and colleagues.
  • They are expressive, ambitious, and like to be admired by others.
  • They are so sweet and innocent that they can be easy targets for cunning people and maybe cheated by them.
  • Lucky Numbers for Fire Tiger are 3 and 9. The lucky colours are green & golden yellow.
  • Fire tigers are workaholics, passionate about hard work, and believe in results. But they should maintain harmony between work and personal life. They are capable of handling multiple tasks at a time. However, they should concentrate only on one.

Fire Tiger Career

Fire tiger people are very intelligent, skilful, smart, clever, witty, and capable of handling tedious projects. Career-wise they are fortunate, and this might get better with age. They might get reputed positions by their superiors at the workplace. They are the boss’s favourite and keep getting appreciation from them. Due to their hard-working nature, they reach up to a satisfying level in their desired careers.

The fire tiger 1986 born people are enthusiastic and full of energy. They like to give their 100% to any assigned projects and fulfil them at any cost. They have a great risk-taking capacity and can perform brilliantly in business and work.

Fire Tiger Wealth

Fire Tiger natives are fortunate enough to live a happy, satisfactory and wealthy life. They can earn money with their hard work. However, they are not fortunate to make money through stock market investments, lotteries, or gambling. But they do have good luck in business and large-scale industries.

Fire Tiger may get financial support from their parents but need to find their own genuine way to make money which they can usually manage. They are smart and quick-witted and overall live a wealthy life.

Fire Tiger Health

People from the fire tiger zodiac born in 1986 are not health conscious. They follow a few bad foods and living habits and do not pay attention to their health. If they are not in good company, they might cultivate the habits of smoking and drinking. However, if they take their health seriously and exercise regularly, they can live a healthy life.

Fire Tiger’s Love and Relationship

These natives are lucky to have good life partners. They always look for strong and committed relationships, but they sometimes make mistakes and lose their partners because of their self-centred behaviour. They need to be tolerant and understanding, which is also a bit difficult because of their aggressive behaviour. However, a little flexibility and freedom in the relationship may solve all the problems.

As fire tiger zodiac natives are innocent, gentle, soft-hearted, and faithful, they consider others to be the same, and that is why, when young, they may find the wrong person. Still, ultimately, they would find a compatible match and live a harmonious, pleasant life with their partner.

What Chinese Animal is the Queen?

Queen Elizabeth-II belongs to Fire tiger, born in 1926. As we know, fire Tigers are leaders, smart, quick-witted, full of enthusiasm, energetic, and passionate. They have a good sense of humor, are powerful speakers, and are known to mesmerize others with their speaking skills. On the other hand, they are pretty down-to-earth and simple.

Are Tigers Associated with Fire?

No, Tigers are not associated with fire all the time. It is the element that is associated with the zodiac sign. Tigers can also be associated with other elements: Earth Tiger, Metal Tiger, Wood Tiger, and Water Tiger.

What Does it Mean to be a Fire Tiger?

It means the natives were born in the years 1926 or 1986. This is because these years are associated with the Chinese Zodiac Tiger and the Element Fire. The combination of a zodiac and 1986 Chinese zodiac element repeats itself after a cycle of 60 years. So, the next cycle of Fire-tiger people will be the ones born in the year 2046 and so on.


Fire Tigers have unique personalities and possess some significant qualities that make them distinct. So, if you, too, are a fire tiger or have friends who belong to this unique zodiac family, We hope this article helped you to understand the zodiac a bit more. Thanks for reading!