Numerology Master Number 11

Numerology Master Number 11

In the realm of numerology, every number has its own unique values and enables an individual to know about their innate characteristics and talents, and personality. Among all the life path numbers, the master number has been given an abundance of importance as it possesses a great amount of power and energy compared to all the other numbers. Those individuals born with a master number 11 carry the higher intuition, spiritual insight, as well as supernatural abilities. The master number 11 people are highly sensitive, with empathy in their hearts. Master number 11 is a sign of enormous power both mentally and physically. They have broader perspectives, imagination and always aim for something high in life.

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Master Number 11 Powers & Personality: Naturally Charismatic & Instinctive!

The master number 11 is the amalgamation of trinity number (2/1/1) exploded with potentialities, some of which many are unaware of. The trait associated with the numerology of Master number 11 is their instinct. The number 11 personality is mainly influenced by their inner voice towards the higher vibrational living. Unlike some very empathetic number, the people with a master number 11s don’t live their life in solitary. They are naturally charismatic and are highly empowered by personal change. Such people are connected with the universe and always flow with nature.

Some Influential Qualities Of Master Number 11: Inspirational & Courageous

They are intuitive, inspirational, analytical, delicacy, empathetic, courageous, and independent. Number 11 has the power to reach its highest stage of evolution. They are the carrier of higher spiritual levels than an average individual. They are charismatic, charming, and morally courageous. Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and iron duke wellington are some of the great personalities with master number 11.

Demerits of Numerology Number 11: Highly Sensitive & Arrogance

People with master number 11 have a very fine line between self-improvement and destruction. These are ambition, arrogance, falling, moral liberties, anarchy, and aggression. They are known to be highly sensitive, and it can be detrimental to health and can even lead to a person taking the wrong steps. In most cases, people with master number 11 are inclined to bad habits such as smoking, cigarettes, drinking alcohol. So they must be careful, not inclined to such practices. They are workaholics, so they need to learn some chill pills and relax.

Love Life of Numerology Number 11: Loyal & Dedicated Partner

As the objective of a life path is to work for others and positively influence others, they have less time to give it to relationships. They are so concerned about the life of others that they forget that they have their own life. Such people are less into relationships, but they give their 100% to fulfill their duty when it comes to commitment. They are highly intuitive, so they don’t face any problem understanding the needs of their beloved. They are loyal and very dedicated partners. People with the master number 11 are incredibly sensual; thus, their sex life is also filled with enthusiasm and intensity.

Most Compatible partner of Master Number: 2, 6, & 8

The most compatible partner of master number 11 is 2, 6, and 8. This number is the perfect match as they also have solid intuitive power, just like 11 and always speak a harmonious language. They are loving and understanding, as well as open towards each other.

Life Path of Master Number 11: Photography & Writing

The main objective of people with master number 11 is fulfillment. Pursuing their purpose is their only life mission. Such people find relief in helping others. Moreover, the holder of number 11 is also perfect for artistic fields as they have a massive amount of creativity. They work well in the field of painting, writing, singing, designing, and photography.

The master number 11 has a great deal of power and meaning. It is a unique blend of challenges and blessings, surprises and hardships that makes the person with number 11 unique. It allows the person to excel in the field of their choice and dream they are proud of.

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How To Calculate Master Number 11

Life path numbers and master numbers are found by adding the digits till we reach one particular number. However, this is not the case with a master number; when an 11, 22, or 33 shows up, we don’t follow the same procedure. E.g., if someone whose birthday falls under 21/06/1982.

Now convert your month into single digit:-
June = 6


1982= (1+9+8+2=20) (2+0=2)

Finally, add all the single-digit numbers to get the one number:- 6+3+2=11

Celebrities Born With Master Number 11

  • Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama
  • Bollywood: Amir Khan, Rajesh Khanna


Master number 11 makes you a strong, intuitive, and compassionate person who people depend on. The master number 11 makes them truly unique and special. People born with his number 11 are explorers and curious, and because of this nature, they prove to be inspirational for others. They enjoy learning in ways that are old and vintage.