Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi

Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi

Wed, 19 Apr 2023

2079 Rakshasa, Shaka Samvat (Mumbai)

Sunrise Sunrise
Lamp Sunrise
Lamp Sunset
Lamp Tithi
Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi
Lamp Weekday
Lamp Yamaghanta
07:51 to 09:26
Lamp Paksha
Lamp Moonsign
Lamp Rahu Kaal
12:35 to 14:10

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Planets Sign Degree Nakshatra Charan
Ascendant Pisces Pisces 18° 13′ 27″ Revati 1
Sun Aries Aries 4° 30′ 25″ Ashwini 2
Moon Pisces Pisces 19° 17′ 25″ Revati 1
Mars Gemini Gemini 18° 19′ 25″ Aadra 4
Mercury Aries Aries 21° 10′ 25″ Bharani 3
Jupiter Pisces Pisces 29° 17′ 25″ Revati 4
Venus Taurus Taurus 14° 51′ 25″ Rohini 2
Saturn Aquarius Aquarius 10° 16′ 25″ Satbhisha 2
Rahu Aries Aries 10° 15′ 25″ Ashwini 4
Ketu Libra Libra 10° 15′ 25″ Swati 2
Harshal Aries Aries 23° 34′ 25″ Bharani 4
Neptune Pisces Pisces 2° 10′ 25″ Purvabhadrapad 4
Pluto Capricorn Capricorn 6° 8′ 25″ Uttarashadha 3

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Chaitra, Shukla Ekadashi

April 1, 2023 (Saturday)

Chaitra, Shukla Ekadashi

April 2, 2023 (Sunday)

Vaishakha, Krishna Chaturthi

April 9, 2023 (Sunday)

Vaishakha, Krishna Trayodashi

April 17, 2023 (Monday)

Hindu Panchang 2022: Plan Your Day, The Best Way!

Today’s Panchang or Daily Panchang is your daily update of Hindu Day Calendar or Tithi Calendar, which is based on the position and movement of celestial bodies (Moon and Nakshatra). It is prepared by the adept astrologers with immense knowledge and experience in astrology for the best accuracy. This Panchang contains today’s tithi (Hindu Date) as per Hindu Calendar, or as some may call it, the Indian Calendar.

However, Online Daily Panchang or Panchangam will not only tell you about today’s and tomorrow’s tithi correctly, but it will also provide you the most accurate information about Vara (day), current Hindu month, year (Vikram Samvata), moon signs, sun signs, Nakshatra (constellations), yoga (Luni-sonar day), and the time of rising Sun. Many believe in Panchang and its update before initiating something auspicious. For that, the Panchang will provide you with accurate timings of Muhurats and Choghadiya.

On top of that, Panchang will tell you about the festivals on a particular day, the vrat and the fasts to keep, the Karana (half of a lunar day), and if the ongoing fortnight is either Shukla paksha or Krishna paksha (if it is a waxing moon or waning moon), and much more.

Hindu Calendar or Panchang represents five sources of energy. Panchang is a Sanskrit word which is translated as Five limbs (Anga). They are divided into the five segments of the day, hence the name Panchang. These are both visible and invisible sources and aspects of energy, such as time-zone, Date, time, and so on

Astrologers use the Panchang for preparing birth charts, and the Kundali of babies without a name. By preparing the birth chart with the help of Panchangam, they can also match kundali for potential bride and groom. To know more about auspicious timings and choghadiya for a particular day, Talk to our Astrologers for the best guidance.

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