East Facing House Plan: An Outstanding Choice as per Vastu Shastra

East Facing House Plan: An Outstanding Choice as per Vastu Shastra

It is quite known to us that North facing house plans are quite popular and is the most preferable direction as per Vastu Consultant. Though the fact is that many people consider the east-facing house Vastu plan as the fortunate location for buying a house.

According to Shastras, a house facing east brings positive energy and harmony in life. Apart from direction, the prosperity and happiness of the house also depend on designing, planning, placement, and execution of the plan as per the buyer’s requirement.

If you are also thinking of buying or constructing the East facing house as per the Vastu Shastra plan, then this would be the most affluent and favoured location for a property. It has been believed that houses located in the East direction will bring good luck and prosperity. Houses with broad levels and low heights are considered the most fortunate property.

Best Vastu Shastra Tips for East Facing Main Entrance

As per Vastu’s tips, the entrance or main door of the house is considered as the centre of attraction for family members and outsiders as well. The main entrance or exit of the house is considered as the symbol of victory, progress, and prosperity in life. The main entry should façade the east, north or the north-east direction. The entrance should be fashioned or created in such a way that when you put your steps out, either you face north east facing house Vastu direction or east or north direction.

Below are some of the best Vastu tips for the Main Entrance of East Facing House:

The finest quality wood should be used to build the main entrance of the house. It must be positioned above the steps and the other doors in the house.

The entrance of the door should be clutter-free.

Do not construct a fountain or place any decorative item at the exterior of the main entrance.

As prescribed in Vastu tips for east facing houses, it is advisable not to keep a shoe rack, dustbin, or broomstick at the exit of the main door. It may bring negativity to the house .

Avoid the construction of a bathroom near the main entrance of the house.

Do not use dark colours for painting the entrance of the house. According to the east facing house plan as per vastu tips, make sure that the main door should be well ignited with lights.

The use of fancy nameplates, torans and decorative bells brings positivity and warm vibes inside the house.

Make sure that the main door should open in clockwise style.

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Vastu Shastra Plan for East Facing House with Pooja Room

Most often we wonder which would be the best suitable location for a Pooja room. Numerous options are accessible for the east-facing house (as Vastu Shastra plan) with Pooja room. Either you can search online staging.mypandit.com for your needs. You can also look for south east facing house Vastu tips for your Pooja room.

Vastu Shastra Guidelines for East Facing House Plan

East Facing houses are believed to be the utmost choice for high rise buildings and multi-storey apartments. Since the olden times, it has been believed that the East direction brings prosperity and good luck. Though, independent houses, cottages and bungalows have not been added in the list.

Whenever you plan to purchase East Facing property, there are certain instructions and norms that you should remember while you opt for an east facing house Vastu plot/land.

Whenever you look for an east facing house plan as per Vastu Shastra, you must keep in mind that east-facing or south east facing house Vastu plans are considered as the auspicious location for high-rise buildings and apartments.

If you are planning to buy independent properties such as bungalows, you can opt for Vastu house plans east facing houses with Pooja rooms.

Apart from east-facing properties, you can also check south-east facing houses as per Vastu plans according to your requirements. If you do not search for fully east-facing entrance homes, then a northeast house plan would be the right choice for you.

If you plan to own an east facing house, just be cautious while placing the main entrance door. As per the instructions given in the east-facing house, make sure that the entrance should be built precisely at the center. The southeast or northeast directions are considered inauspicious for the location of the main entrance.

If your main entrance is north-east facing, make sure that there should be a gap of ½ ft till 6 inches amid the wall and the entrance door.

According to mypandit.com, if your entrance is towards the south-east then you can place three pyramids, Swastika, Om or Trishul symbol on both sides of the entrance door.

You can also hang Siddha Shukra Yantra or Siddha Vastu Kalsh for eliminating negative energy from the house.

Best Tips for Meditation Rooms as per Vastu Shastra plan

East Facing home according to Vastu Shastra plan plays a vital role while you plan to design a meditation room in your home. Meditation and prayers enhance mysticism, calmness and attract positive vibes in the home. Practising Meditation connects you with your inner mind and soul.

Here is a list of few things to remember while you construct a meditation room:

  1. Choose the east or north-east direction for the mediation room. These directions are considered best for performing yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities.
  2. East facing house Vastu plan with a meditation room boosts positivity and tranquillity in the environment.
  3. Fresh flowers, candles and the fragrance of incense sticks add beauty to the meditation room.
  4. Colour the walls of the room with a lively combination of white, green, yellow, or beige.

Decor and Wall Colours of East Facing House Vastu plan

Rooms in the east-facing house plan receive ample of natural light in the morning and day-time as well. Morning is generally brighter in comparison to afternoons. Afternoons are quite cool and you might have to use artificial light to brighten up your room.

So, while you pick up the colour for your east-facing room, you should imagine how the shades will look during the mornings and in the artificial lights as well. In general, people opt for blue and green hues for brightening up the walls of east-facing rooms. A combination of light grey with blue gives a cooling effect while aqua and light green are the symbol of freshness and tranquillity in the room. The vibrant combination of light pink and white is perfect for creating neutral shades.

The above given instructions and guidelines will give you an idea about what things you should consider while you opt for the east facing house Vastu plan. The above-mentioned Vastu tips are beneficial while constructing or designing an east-facing house. Though, it’s advisable to seek help via experts for better solutions. You can also opt for the customized plan as per your needs.