Time to Pay Back! It’s Saturn Sade Sati for Aries

In Vedic astrology, the transit of planets plays a prominent role in the life of natives. When a planet moves from one rashi to another or from one house to another, it has a certain influence over the native. This influence could be positive or negative. It may also be responsible to form some Yoga, Dasha or Dosha.

One such kind of transit is the Saturn transit. And it is considered not so favorable. The Saturn transits from one rashi to another and takes around seven and half years to completely vacate that sign. This complete period of Saturn in a sign is called Sade Sati. This article is going to throw light on the Saturn Sadesati for Aries and its effects on the native facing the sade sati for Aries and also about sade sati remedies for Aries. Through this article, we will also come to know when will sade sati start for Aries and when will sade sati end for Aries. But before learning about the sade sati for Aries ascendant, we will brush up on the knowledge about the planet Saturn and the Aries sign.

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The Rigid Teacher – Saturn

The planet Saturn is among those celestial bodies that are believed to punish people for their misdeeds of the past life. It is believed to be a harbinger of miseries and challenges. It makes life hell for the native by throwing a challenge and gifting pain of some kind every day till it’s gone from the rashi. Having Saturn in kundli in the unfavourable position and during the sade sati, the native suffers huge loss in all realms like personal life, profession and health. The financial condition also gets ruined with Saturn Sade Sati.

In a positive aspect, Saturn can give favourable results by turning rags into riches and bless the native with name, fame and health. There are many ways to reduce the influence of Saturn and survive during the sade sati period. These sade sati remedies are advised by astrology and should be followed religiously to have an effective result. These sade sati remedies will be discussed in the following section.

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Aries – The Hot Ball of Energy

The Aries sign is the first in the zodiac wheel. It is ruled by the hot planet Mars that endows energy and passion over the natives born under the Aries sign. Under the influence of Mars, the Aries natives are uncontrollable and unstoppable. They are aggressive, impulsive and enthusiastic.

And for those who don’t know, Mars and Saturn don’t go along well. So, there will firework definitely when Saturn will transit into the Aries sign. Let’s see what happens with Saturn sadesati in Aries.

Saturn Sade Sati for Aries – When Mars Meets the Foe Saturn

As mentioned above, Saturn and Mars are absolutely opposite to each other. While Mars is responsible for uncontrollable actions and unstoppable energy, Saturn is the synonym for restraining and control over actions. Talking about Mars, it is known to induce spontaneity. On the other hand, Saturn is responsible for postponing every good thing or any decision. While Saturn is known to make one old with pain, the Mars infuses new energy of youth in the native.

Aren’t the two very opposing to each other’s basic principles and characteristics? And when the two – The Mars and The Saturn, will meet in the Aries sign, in the horoscope of a native, the person is going to have a difficult time of life that he/she shall never forget. While Saturn will use all its power and energy to control the unbridle Mars, Mars will put in all efforts to escape from the trap of Saturn. However, Mars will only succeed at the end of the Saturn Sadesati for Aries.

Before understanding the influence of sade sati for Aries, we need to know that Saturn is debilitated in Mars rules Aries rashi. Hence, pain, misery, struggle and loss will be definitely a part of sade sati for Aries ascendant. Typically, there will be three smaller sade sati periods for Aries, each divided into the two and a half years’ time span. The first period is known as the Rising Period of Sade Sati for Aries. The second period is the most difficult and disturbing one and is known as the Peak Period of Sade Sati for Aries, and the last is the Settling period of Sade Sati for Aries.

In order to understand when will sade sati start for Aries, we need to know that the rising period of sade sati for Aries will begin when Saturn will transit into the twelfth house from the native’s Moon sign, which will be the Pisces. Since Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the rising phase of sade sati in Aries will not be so difficult, because Jupiter and Saturn share a neutral relationship. This 2 ½ years period will make the natives travel a lot, and consequently, there would be a negative effect on health due to unwanted stress.

During the Peak Sade Sati for Aries, the native will feel pain and agony and would be under great stress in all aspects of life. The native may face a lack of confidence and may slip into depression during the second sade sati period for Aries. This period will also be a bane for the married life of the native suffering with Saturn Sadesati for Aries. The second sade sati period for Aries will make the native inclined towards immoral acts to earn money as there would be financial crisis too. During this period, the native may face humiliation, loss of partnership and major domestic and health issues because the Moon will conjugate with Saturn in this sade sati period for the Aries Moon sign.

The last and the settling phase of sade sati for Aries would be comparatively easy to handle, as the Saturn will transit into the Taurus house, which is ruled by Venus, a good friend of Saturn. With the positive energy of Venus, Saturn will calm down and reduce the negative force over the native. However, Saturn will still be active and make the native work very hard to gain some nominal success in targets. There will still be some minor problems, but overall the situation would be much better and tolerable. Though the native will have to keep a tab on the expenses, unexpected financial gains can be expected in the last Sade sati period for Aries.

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Sade Sati/ Panoti >> Sani Rashi >> Start Date >> End Date >> Phase

  • Sade Sati/ Panoti >> Sani Rashi >> Start Date >> End Date >> Phase
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Saturday, April 18, 1998 >> Tuesday, June 6, 2000 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Wednesday, June 7, 2000 >> Monday, July 22, 2002 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Thursday, January 9, 2003 >> Monday, April 7, 2003 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Monday, September 6, 2004 >> Thursday, January 13, 2005 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Thursday, May 26, 2005 >> Tuesday, October 31, 2006 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Thursday, January 11, 2007 >> Sunday, July 15, 2007 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Monday, November 3, 2014 >> Thursday, January 26, 2017 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Wednesday, June 21, 2017 >> Thursday, October 26, 2017 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Sunday, March 30, 2025 >> Wednesday, June 2, 2027 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Thursday, June 3, 2027 >> Tuesday, October 19, 2027 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Wednesday, October 20, 2027 >> Wednesday, February 23, 2028 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Thursday, February 24, 2028 >> Tuesday, August 7, 2029 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Wednesday, August 8, 2029 >> Friday, October 5, 2029 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Saturday, October 6, 2029 >> Tuesday, April 16, 2030 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Wednesday, April 17, 2030 >> Sunday, May 30, 2032 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Thursday, July 13, 2034 >> Wednesday, August 27, 2036
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Saturday, December 12, 2043 >> Wednesday, June 22, 2044
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Tuesday, August 30, 2044 >> Friday, December 7, 2046
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Friday, May 15, 2054 >> Tuesday, September 1, 2054 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Saturday, February 6, 2055 >> Friday, April 6, 2057 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Saturday, April 7, 2057 >> Tuesday, May 27, 2059 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Wednesday, May 28, 2059 >> Sunday, July 10, 2061 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Tuesday, February 14, 2062 >> Monday, March 6, 2062 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Friday, August 24, 2063 >> Tuesday, February 5, 2064
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Saturday, May 10, 2064 >> Monday, October 12, 2065
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Thursday, February 4, 2066 >> Friday, July 2, 2066
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Monday, February 6, 2073 >> Thursday, March 30, 2073 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Tuesday, October 24, 2073 >> Thursday, January 16, 2076 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Saturday, July 11, 2076 >> Sunday, October 11, 2076 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Monday, March 20, 2084 >> Tuesday, May 21, 2086 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Wednesday, May 22, 2086 >> Saturday, November 9, 2086 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Sunday, November 10, 2086 >> Friday, February 7, 2087 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Saturday, February 8, 2087 >> Saturday, July 17, 2088 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Sunday, July 18, 2088 >> Saturday, October 30, 2088 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Sunday, October 31, 2088 >> Tuesday, April 5, 2089 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Wednesday, April 6, 2089 >> Monday, September 18, 2090 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Taurus >> Wednesday, October 25, 2090 >> Sunday, May 20, 2091 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Cancer >> Friday, July 3, 2093 >> Thursday, August 18, 2095 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Scorpio >> Sunday, December 3, 2102 >> Sunday, November 29, 2105 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Wednesday, May 3, 2113 >> Thursday, September 21, 2113 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Pisces >> Friday, January 26, 2114 >> Sunday, March 29, 2116 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Aries >> Monday, March 30, 2116 >> Wednesday, May 18, 2118 >> Peak

Sade Sati Remedies for Aries – The Saviour

There are certain simple sade sati remedies for Aries that can help in reducing the pain and struggle caused during the period.

  • The native should chant “Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah”, the Shani mantra, 19000 times in 40 days.
  • Every Saturday, the native should donate black sesame seeds or black Urad or a buffalo. And also observe a fast on the day.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman every day and offer systematic prayer on Tuesdays and Saturdays, while chanting Hanuman Chalisa.
  • The native should wear a 14-mukhi Rudraksha and blue sapphire gemstone.
  • Wear an iron ring made from horseshoe.
  • Wear black or dark blue clothes on Saturdays.

Wrapping Up the Sade Sati Period for Aries

Realising the difficulties, one may face during the Saturn sadesati for Aries, you would certainly like to know when will sade sati start and end for Aries. The first sade sati period for Aries started on Nov 2 2015 and continued till Jan 26 2016, again from June 21, 2017, to Oct 26, 2017. The second phase was from Mar 29, 2025, to  June 03, 2027, and Oct 20, 2027, to Feb 23, 2028. This will also be from Oct 05, 2029, to April 17, 2030. The last sade sati period for Aries would be from April 17, 2030, to May 31, 2032.

Following the remedies will not guarantee an instant result. It’s Saturn and it will take its time. Just believe in God and good planets.

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